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Top Vacation Destinations in Philippines

What are the most popular vacation destinations in Philippines?

Known as the “Pearl of the Orient Seas”, the Philippines is much blessed with so much tourist spots that both locals and foreigners alike both get to enjoy. It also takes pride of its people whose warmth smile never cease to welcome tourist from all over the globe.

It is inherent to Filipinos already, rich or poor to really welcome visitors to their homes and offer what they have. It’s the warmth of the people plus the beauty of the place that certainly makes tourist come back over and over again. Let’s check n the most popular vacation destination in the Philippines.

Baguio City

Popularly known as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”. During summer time when it s too hot in other parts of the Philippines, Baguio City remains cool making it the perfect get away for those people who plan to have their summer holiday. It is only in Summer that families can be together since school is done for the year. It is the favorite destination for summer holidays in the Philippines.

Today, this city of Pines has become the top destinations in the country for both locals and international travelers. Tourism is in fact the main industry of Baguio. There are lots to see and do in Baguio like the Camp John Hay. It is a former American facility which is now turned into a first class resort. It has a golf course, picnic area and a skating rink. There are cottages and hotels built to accommodate visitors.

Other tourist attractions are the Lion’s Head, Tam-Awan Village, Mansion House, Mines View Park and many more.

Palawan Province, Philippines

It is time to check the western part of Central Philippines where the province of Palawan is located. National Geographic Traveler magazine named Palawan as the best island destination in the East and Southeast Asia in 2007. Since then tourist from all over the world has dramatically increased.

Palawan Philippines is also known as the “Last Frontier”, It is the largest province in the Philippines containing 1,769 islands and islets. It is home to large number of unusual plants and animals. Many of its places are still untouched.

Besides, Palawan is also known for its beautiful white sand beaches and clear waters. Coron Island has one of the best seascapes around the world. Palawan is an envy of other tourist destinations around the world.

Aside from Palawan which is the famous tourist destination in the Philippines along with Boracay Island, There are other vacation spots that are just perfect to spend time with.

Cebu City, Philippines

Cebu City is often referred to as the Queen City of the South. Cebu is a metropolitan city second to Metro Manila. It is the oldest city in the Philippines and the place is rich with much cultural heritage that goes back a hundred years ago when the Spaniards colonize the Philippines.

You can clearly see Philippine History in this place. Lots of landmarks, old church buildings show you where and when Christianity first sets in the place. Magellan’s Cross is one landmark that tells you where the first Filipinos were turn to Christians.

Near Magellan’s Cross you will find the first church ever established in the country, the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño. It is home to the Santo Niño de Cebu, the country’s oldest religious relic.

The famous Sinulog Festival in January is celebrated for their patron saint of Cebu, Santo Niño. This festival is much attended by both locals and foreign visitors who want to witness this grand festival.

Foreign travelers come in Cebu both for pleasure and business. Lots of foreign investors have invested in Cebu city making it the center of commerce for the whole province of Cebu. As for tourism industry, Cebu has lots of tourist spots and beautiful islands to boast of. The Mactan Island is one destination that foreign visitors come to visit. Other islands worth to explore are Malapascua Island and Badian Island.

Sagada Mountain Province, Philippines

Sagada Mountain Province is quite remote from the glitters of the city life yet a very interesting place to visit. If you love nature then this the perfect place for you. Sagada is situated 171 miles north of Metro Manila. It is also accessible by bus from Baguio city which is about 62 miles from the town itself.

The place is popular for its numerous caves that can be explored with the help of the local guides. Trekking is also popular activity here where you explore all this untouched forest, waterfalls, and lakes. Popular places where tourist usually visits in Sagada are the Echo Valley, Kilpetan Tower, underground River and of course the rice terraces.

Finding accommodations are not a problem. It offers many places to stay in town at an affordable price. This place offers a relaxing mood and makes you comfortable like you are home.

Province of Pangasinan, Philippines

Have you heard about the famous Hundred Islands National Park? It is a marine park in the coast city of Alaminos located in Lingayen Gulf, Pangasinan. This marine park consists of about 123 islands.

Pangasinan is the major producer of salt in the Philippines that is why its name derives from “Pangas sitinan” which means “land of salt”. The province also produces milkfish, rice, bamboo handicrafts and mangoes for export and also for local consumption.

The province of Pangasinan prided itself with its beautiful beaches in the Hundred Islands. You can pick your choice on the islands where you want to have your picnic. One can certainly enjoy diving, swimming and surfing.

Top Beach Vacation Destinations in Philippines

Philippines consisting of 7,107 islands from Batanes in the North and down to Tawi-Tawi in the south. From end to end, The Philippines is full of beautiful white sand beaches. Some of the world class beaches in the Philippines are El Nido, Boracay and Siargao Island. All of these beaches have one common feature and that is white sand coastlines, a magnificent seascape and clear blue water. So clear that you can see corals and fishes in the water. The cool blue water is therapeutic and makes you feel calm. Let’s take a look of what these beaches have to offer its visitors.

El Nido, Palawan

El Nido is a municipality of Northern Palawan, it is about 148 miles northeast from Puerto Princes- Palawan’s capital city. Palawan El Nido is made of 45 islets which are known for its best white sand beaches in the world. Its view can be compared to world famous Ha Long Bay in Vietnam and Krabi Beach Thailand.

It wasn’t only in year 1979 that the mystique beauty of El Nido was discovered. As more and more people noticed El Nido, the tourism industry in the area increase and several investors has now come and put up hotels and restaurants to cater to visitors and tourists needs.

When you are in El Nido, you sure will always have an exiting day ahead of you. You can do different outdoor activities like diving, swimming, snorkeling or you can arrange for island hopping. You sure won’t have a dull moment when you are in El Nido.

Boracay Island

Boracay Island is probably one of the most visited island in the Philippines. Those who have visited the place can’t help but come back again. They just can’t resist the magic the place has that tourists keeps on coming back.

It has the finest white sand beach in the Philippines, located in the Western part of the Visayas region and is about 200 miles from Manila the country’s capital. The white beach in Boracay is about 2.2 miles long.

It is divided into three stations 1, 2 and 3. You can find accommodations from five-star hotels, to cottage resorts and villas to affordable lodging houses for budget travelers. All this accommodation and restaurants are found along the beaches.

Boracay certainly offers various outdoor activities like diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, island hopping and many more.

Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte

Siargao Island is the number one surfing spot in the Philippines. With its wave reaching up to 13 feet high no wonder visitors from all over the world come just to experience the thrill of surfing in Siargao.

Accommodations range from expensive resorts to affordable lodgings. Tourist from all over the world who wants to see the surfing wave of Siargao will have no problem with accommodations for there are lots of resorts already that will cater to everyone’s needs.

Aside from surfing you can also go sailing, diving or snorkeling. One can also explore the caves, go mountain biking or trekking exploring its green mountain.

The places mentioned above are just a few of the thousand places that you can explore in the Philippines. It might confuse you where to go when you visit the Philippines so always plan in advance if you want to send you vacation in the country. Do your research work and find the place that interest you the most. A week stay in the Philippines is not enough to explore one province so you might just find yourself going back for your next vacation.

top vacation spots
top vacation spots

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