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Best Months for Traveling to Jamaica

When is The Best Time to Travel to Jamaica?

If want to go on vacation and enjoy the beach, one of the best places to go to is Jamaica. Jamaica offers it’s visitors warm and clear beaches. The temperature ranges from 80 to 90 degrees during peak season which starts from July to August. Some people go to Jamaica during off peak season so not to spend much for the trip. This is when the temperature 60 to 70. Either way, you can still enjoy the warm temperature and the best beaches in Jamaica.

Beaches are not the only thing Jamaica offers. You can go and visit the Blue Mountains if you want to get away from the beach for a while. The Blue Mountains is the coldest place in Jamaica where the temperature drops to as low as 30 degrees during the night. Jamaica is known to be a place to go to experience warm weather but if you want to have a break from the beach and the temperature, you can go to Jamaica during February. This is when you can experience the cold breeze in the Blue Mountains and the luxury to go to the beach anytime.

Meanwhile, in the months of October, November and December Jamaica experience a lot of rain fall. So if you want sunny weather to have a natural tan and to maximize your vacation, avoid these months. People rarely go to Jamaica during these months because of the frequent rain during these month. Another reason why people opt not to travel to Jamaica during these months is because of hurricanes. Jamaica is located in the hurricane belt. This is why people avoid traveling to Jamaica from November to December. It is best to take extra precautions when traveling during these months to avoid danger and minimize the possibility of being stranded. Remember that air flights are canceled during bad weather. So better do your research and plan the right time for your trip as early as now.

Plan ahead by booking through a travel agent or you can scout on your own through the Internet months before your vacation to take advantage of the cheap airfare, best hotel deals, restaurants and shopping locations for a better experience. It is also best to add an insurance policy when booking a package to Jamaica especially when traveling during the rainy season. With an insurance policy, you can refund your money should you decide to cancel your trip especially when it is dangerous to travel.

travel to jamaica
travel to jamaica

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